Openings are for day or evening classes set by appointment.  Please use our contact page to schedule.


Small class size for individual attention Classes are open ended so you have time to complete your project generally 2 - 4 sessions Best days to schedule class are Wed, Fri or Sat Class fee is 15.00/ class Supplies or kits are extra  Stained Glass Tool Rental 10.00  Basketry Tool Rental 5.00  Quilting Tool Rental 5.00 Some tools can be rented from instructor.






Beginning Stained Glass Class


Project size 8X10 flat panel under 20 pieces Instructor supplied pattern (unless you have approval for your own pattern) The following tools are included in the rental tool fee:  pattern scissors, 3 copies of pattern, glass cutter, cutting oil, alcohol, windex, paper towels, copper foil(various sizes), glass grinder,  breaking pliers, soldering iron, flux, light table, project board to use while soldering and other necessary equipment to complete your project Students are required to purchase glass to complete the project either from the instructor or from area stained glass shops




Beginning Basketry


Openings are for day or evening 2-3 hour class Small class size for individual attention Class Dates  Wed, Fri, or Sat Class Fee 15.00/class Tool Rental Fee  5.00 Several shapes of baskets to choose from:  6"round ,  6" square with open base, 6"square with closed base, 4X8" rectangle with open or closed base Kit fee 10.00 - 15.00 includes written instructions and enough reed to complete project depending on the project Basic tools supplied by instructor are:  pencils, tape measure, scissors, clothes pins, bone awl or paper folder, bucket for water, towels and spray sealer You are encouraged to bring your own supplies to class



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