Charles_Gloria.jpgI was born in Baltimore, Maryland three days after my mother’s birthday in October 1952.  As a teenager I was always involved in sewing projects and learning as much as possible about fabric, sewing techniques and the business of sewing.  I attended a local college, Towson State, where an Early Childhood Major allowed me to take the maximum number of art classes without declaring an art major.  Those were my favorite classes.  I met and married my husband while in college.  He recognized my artistic bent and encouraged me to continue sewing and crafting and taking classes that interested me. 

Soon after our second child was born, I took an Adult Education class on Stained Glass and made my first piece.  I was hooked.  I took many evening classes on Tiffany and Leaded Stained Glass and made may beautiful pieces for gifts and for sale.  While vacationing on Topsail Island, NC, with our dear friends, Bob and Kathy Appleton, the ladies took a break from the beach and took a class making a heart shaped basket.  That started a 10 year business of making, teaching, and selling baskets and stained glass at local craft fairs the Baltimore area.  It was ended by a move to Roswell GA in 1992.  I continued to learn about basketweaving from classes and membership in the local Basketweaver’s Guild.  At the same time, I taught basketweaving to interested seniors at a local Senior’s Enriched Living Program and I was able to take classes in Quilting and many other subjects of interest. 

Soon after moving to Georgia, I realized it was time to upgrade my sewing machines – my first Bernina sewing machine, and then an embroidery machine and another better embroidery machine and embroidery software for designing embroidery and a serger for finished seams.  In 2000 we moved back to Maryland to a 67 acre Eastern Shore farm with wild life, birds, fish, fields, a big pond and a small house.  I continued to sew and take classes on quilting and embroidery at nearby towns.  My husband enclosed the garage and added a beautiful bay window so I had my own space to create beautiful things.  A few years later a new job opportunity moved us to Vero Beach, FL.  I quickly outgrew the spare bedroom of the new house, so we added a studio (hurricane proof – I hope).  It almost contains all my hobby supplies. 

In Sept of 2006, I was hired to be the Middle and High School Art Teacher at Master’s Academy where I taught Art History and developed a curriculum for some very talented students.  In 2008 we purchased a 15 needle commercial embroidery machine made by Toyota and new embroidery software.  Glorious Designs began, an umbrella company that includes Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Stained Glass, Basketweaving and any new artistic endeavors that I choose to pursue.  I am always challenging myself by learning and growing and doing new and different things.  Woodworking and Watercolor Painting are on the to do list.  I can take your ideas and put them on a garment that makes it as special and unique as you are.

Thanks for getting to know me.


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